Studi Classici e Orientali (SCO), Studi Classici e Orientali LXV - Tomo 2 - Anno 2019

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Due testi ‘intrusi’ nella Sylloge Tacticorum del Laurenziano Plut. 55,4?

Antonio Carlini


Two apparently ‘intruded’ texts in the Sylloge Tacticorum of LaurentianusPlut. 55, 4This paper considers Laur. 55, 4, a mid-10th c. manuscript written inthe imperial scriptorium and collecting, presumably at the suggestion of emperor Constantine VII himself, a set of ancient and contemporarytreatises on military tactics. This manuscript raises, among manyothers, a question related to its composition: why does a collection of“technical” texts include, in a rather conspicuous position, two workson philosophic/religious subjects? It is argued that those two texts (aChristian adaptation of Epictetus’ Manual and an incomplete commentaryon it) are only apparently ‘intruded’ and unrelated to the context.

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