Studi Classici e Orientali (SCO), Studi Classici e Orientali LI - Anno 2005 (edito nel 2009)

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Starting from the examination of the classical and most recent mentions of the city of Opis (mainly, Xenophon), the Author tries to connect them to the most ancient records from Mesopotamia (III millennium B.C.) on the above mentioned city and also on some neighbouring cities, like Akšak, Gizuna and Baz. The aim of the present paper is to show that the clues at our disposal point to a location of these cities (and especially of Opis) in the Diyala region. The Author bases his analysis, which has specifically a geographic character, on some of the most important studies in this field (for example the works of McC. Adams, Frayne or Manfredi).

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