L’esercito di ducezio. guerra e influenze culturali durante il periodo della synteleia


  • Vincenzo Bellino


Ducetius’ army. War and cultural influences in the age of the synteleia
This article is an attempt to reconstruct the armament, the tactics andthe strategies used by the army of the Sicel leader Ducetius between460 and 450 B. C. Following the path of other tribal leaders, Ducetiustransformed the Sicel guerrillas in a real regular army, able to fight inpitched battles. The study of the creation of the Sicel army allows usto observe the deep and mutual cultural influences active in Sicily duringthe fifth century, which, especially in military context, pushed theSicels and the Greeks to tactical choices that, even if based on Hellenicmodels, were original in many aspects and specific of the historical andcultural context in which they operated.