Filone, il De vita Mosis e le sue fonti


  • Manuela Baretta


Philo, De vita Mosis and its sources
This paper focuses on Philo of Alexandria’s De vita Mosis, one ofthe most controversial works of the prolific philosopher. In particular,the research is centred on the sources from which Philo derives hisknowledge, and which the author himself specifies in the introductionand conclusion: that is, the written ones, and especially the Scriptures,and the oral ones. While the connections with the Bible arequite easy to identify, the same cannot be said about the oral sources,about which little is known. However, the influence of the Greek tradition,both in the choice of the sources and in the way the episodesare introduced, is undeniable; in addition, there is a degree of originalcontribution from Philo, who went beyond the mere quoting of thepre-existing literature.