Vincenzo Tandoi e la satira latina d’età imperiale (Persio, Turno, Giovenale)


  • Franco Bellandi


Vincenzo Tandoi and the imperial Latin satire (Persius, Turnus, Juvenal).
The article of F. Bellandi examines five separate studies on the Latin satire of the imperial age by Tandoi and verifies their important results and the effect they have had on the following critics. The first paper is about a difficult passage (44 ss.) of sat. III of Persius (and the myth of Cato Uticensis). The second one analyses the two fragments of Turnus, satirist at the court of the Flavians. The three remaining essays are dedicated to Juvenal (two starting from the relationship between the Satirist and Statius) and consider numerous aspects of the satires 4 and 7 (esp. political thought and practice of mecenatism).