Alcune osservazioni storiche e lessicali sull’editto del legato tiberiano Sotidius Libuscidianus (AE 1976, 653).


  • Andrea Zuccaro


Some Historical and Lexical Observations on Tiberian Galatian LegatusSotidius Libuscidianus’ Edict (AE 1976, 653)
The study compares the Latin text and the Greek ‘translation’ of legatusSotidius Libuscidianus bilingual edict. This legatus governed Galatiaand issued the edict in the early Tiberian age, but this inscription wasperhaps re-engraved in late antiquity. The paper in particular focusseson the Greek ‘translation’ of some Latin expressions concerning the institutionalterminology, as imperator-αὐτοκράτωρ and optimus-σωτήρ.