Il nesso obsonatores et rhetores e il nome del cuoco in Petronio, Satyr. 39, 12: un caso di resilienza letteraria?


  • Alberto Borghini
  • Mario Seita


The connection obsonatores et rhetores in Petronius, Satyr. 39, 12: aninstance of literary resilience?
The adjective δαίδαλος / daedalus and the cook’s name in the Cena Trimalchionis,Daedalus (‘absent’ or ‘implicit’ name), provide a binomialcohesion to the connection obsonatores et rhetores (Petr. Satyr. 39, 12).On this subject the authors cite the compound nouns ὀψoδαίδαλος andλογοδαίδαλος, a possible instance of literary resilience.