Una tecnica shakespeariana per Aristofane: determinazioni di luogo nella Pace


  • Franceasco Morosi


A Shakespearean technique for Aristophanes: Placelessness in PeaceAs scholarship on Elizabethan theatre has widely recognized, Elizabethandrama depended heavily on words to create its own world: on arelatively bare stage, the only tool to have audiences visualize changesof settings was to describe them. Such an importance of words, of812 ENGLISH ABSTRACTScourse, entails the possibility to gloss over whatever was not relevantfor the poet: when the playwright did not need any specific descriptionof a place or a time, it was sufficient not to mention it. Placelessness isa technique that Elizabethan dramatists used consciously.Aristophanic drama works in a similar way: as it presupposes poor technicalresources, it is a fundamentally anti-realistic genre, and it dependson words as much as Elizabethan theatre. This paper aims to show,through an analysis of Peace, how Aristophanes used placelessness tocreate meanings.